Issue date: 28 February 2001

QEH Theatre, Clifton Tuesday 6 March to Saturday 10 March 2001 at 7.30pm each evening

The University of the West of England's Centre for Performing Arts (CPA) will stage a performance of the blockbuster musical 'Godspell' at the QEH Theatre from Tuesday 6 March to Saturday 10 March.

Lau Zamparelli who according to producer Ruth Snary has taken to the role of Jesus like a man walking on water will play the leading role. The cast is studded with UWE student stars who have shone in many of the CPA's performances over the past couple of years. Daisy Chapman plays the unpaid follower of Jesus. Ruth Snary said, "We have watched this very talented young woman take on increasingly challenging roles during her time with the Centre for Performing Arts. She began as a vegetable-seller in Hello Dolly moving on to sell carrier bags in Blitz. Another veteran is Stephen Waterfield who played Barnaby in Hello Dolly. Stephen has now graduated from UWE but enjoys working with the group so much that he only accepts jobs in Bristol so that he can continue this interest."

This production of Godspell is set primarily on a building site; it does not aim to have a sense of period, as the story is timeless. Only two actors play named characters - Jesus and Judas who also doubles as John the Baptist. The rest of the cast play themselves.

Godspell is about the formation of a community - eight separate individuals led and guided by Jesus (who is helped by John/Judas). The group gradually comes together through the playing of games, telling of stories, and absorbing lessons. Each of the characters has his or her own moment of commitment to Jesus. By the time Jesus is taken from them, the characters remain focused as a community, ready and able to carry out the lessons which they have been taught.

Photo caption: The UWE students sing and dance their way through the liveliest of shows. Pictured here are Louise Clarke, Kate Whitehead, Miranda Burton - dressed in non-typical biblical costume.

Tickets from QEH Box Office, telephone 0117 925 0551, or from The Octagon, UWE Bristol, telephone 0117 344 2334.

For further information, please contact the producer, Ruth Snary, on 0117 344 2334.


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