Issue date: 20 February 2001

23 February, The Octagon, UWE Frenchay Campus

An opportunity to quiz local politicians from each political party in government about their party’s science policy will be presented at an event at the University of the West of England.

Doug Naysmith, Labour; Pamela Chesters, Conservative and Gail Coleshill, Liberal Democrat are taking part in a nation-wide campaign organised by the Save British Science Society which aims to bring Science to the forefront of the political agenda during the run up to the general election.

The question and answer session will take place at the Octagon on the Frenchay Campus at the University of the West of England on 23 February at 5.30pm.

Dr Peter Cotgreave, Director of the Save British Science Society said, “Science, engineering and technology are becoming increasingly important parts of everyday life, and that means that politicians have to take science more seriously than they used to. Our campaign aims to ensure that local politicians understand the issues that are important to local scientists, science teachers and students, but also to make sure that any public concerns about technological advances are dealt with in an open and transparent way.”

Wendy Purcell, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at UWE said, “ We all know just how much Science impacts on our everyday lives, from the human genome, food scares and our health. This event is an excellent opportunity for local people to test the commitment of our local politicians to putting science on the political map. We are very pleased to host this evening in support of the Save British Science Society campaign that seeks to enhance the profile of Science in the government.”

It is expected that teachers, scientists from industry and students will be in attendance but the event is open to all.

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