Media invitation to 'Waste or Fuel' conference

Issue date: 16 March 2006

incinerator 'Waste or Fuel: Is there a Safe and Sustainable Option?'
Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 April 2006
University of the West of England

Environmental journalists are warmly invited to attend a major conference that brings together all stakeholders to debate the safety and sustainability of incineration and the production of energy from waste following government approval.

This international conference will gather together a unique range of experts from both industry, government, the UK and European environment agencies, leading academics and health experts to explore safety and sustainability issues surrounding the introduction of energy generation from waste materials by incineration as a government sanctioned solution to the UK's waste problems.

Full details of the conference programme and speakers are posted at

The conference features a live debate that will be recorded by BBC Radio Wiltshire for subsequent broadcast and all conference papers will be published.

Conference organiser, Dr Andrew Tubb from the University of the West of England said, “This conference is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to debate the benefits and dangers of waste incineration. Is this move into widespread incineration really an unsustainable and stupid risk to health from adding yet more polluting emissions or is it a brilliant way of producing a more carbon neutral strategy for energy sustainability? Can we actually ensure that the use of waste materials as a fuel is not going to seriously damage public health through uncontrolled toxic emissions? These are the serious questions that this conference will attempt to answer.”

If you would like to attend the conference as a journalist please contact Laura Collier tel: 0117 32 83313.

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