Final Year students - Have your say on your UWE experience

Issue date: 25 January 2006

If you are a final year student at UWE, now is your chance to say what you think about your experience at UWE in an independent survey gathering the views of all final year students across the country.

Final year students will receive an e-mail from the independent research agency IPSOS asking you to fill out the National Student Survey questionnaire on the website

The survey doesn't take long to complete and enables student views to be gathered on key aspects of their University experience. Both the Bristol UWE and the Students' Union are backing this survey, as they see it as an important tool for students to make their views known.

The National Student Survey for students graduating in 2006 gives student the chance to have their say on aspects of their university education and experience.
The data gathered is used to compile a national picture of student views on their university experience. Universities will be weighed up against each other, and comparisons can be made between subjects for each university. These results will be published on web sites and in league tables to help future applicants make informed choices about where and what to study at university.

Your views and opinions will be asked on your subject and in particular you will be asked about:

• teaching quality,
• assessment and feedback,
• academic support,
• organisation and management,
• learning resources,
• personal development.

The Students' Union and Bristol UWE give their full support to this survey and we would like to encourage all students to fill it in and return it as soon as possible.

For all queries, please contact

Sir Howard Newby
Vice-Chancellor Designate

Shelly Patel
President - UWE Students' Union

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