Workshop for health professionals and cancer service users

Issue date: 19 January 2006

Charity wristbands A workshop bringing together health professionals, academics and services users in Bristol aimed at developing good practice for patients undergoing cancer treatment including radiotherapy will beheld on Friday 20 January 2006 from 10.00 to 16.00 at the Glenside Campus of the University of the West of England.

The workshop is a step forward in empowering patients to have a voice in their own treatment and in ensuring that advances in treatment reflect patient needs as well as medical and treatment needs.

Specialist nurses and radiographers will be present to answer questions and provide expert knowledge.

Pat Turton, Principal Lecturer in Cancer Care, University of the West of England, the event organiser says, “The aim of this event is to make a reality of current cancer policy which is to ensure that users are as involved as possible in the development of good cancer services, and to provide a forum for collaboration and expert discussion.”

The workshop will take as its starting point research undertaken with women with breast cancer by national cancer charities Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Care. Alice Twitchen, Head of the Campaigns and Advocacy Network for Breakthrough Breast Cancer will be presenting the findings from the research and the day will also be attended by Jenny Priest from Breast Cancer Care. The workshop will include a presentation from two users from the User Involvement Group of Avon Somerset and Wiltshire Cancer Network.

Keren Anstey, who is based locally and provides information and support for people undergoing radiotherapy, will discuss local practice and issues. Elaine Eastman, play therapist from Bristol Children's Hospital will present the creative ways in which children are prepared for radiotherapy and radiography experiences. The workshop will conclude with sessions for sharing and discussion of good practice, so that people can explore how they may ensure that good ideas are put into practice.


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