New Bristol 'hub' for national physiotherapy research

Issue date: 08 November 2005

Issue date: 8/11/05

A new network bringing together physiotherapy experts is being launched in Bristol with the aim of encouraging research and sharing the latest information on effective treatments for patients.

The Bristol Regional ‘Hub’ of the National Physiotherapy Research Network is being launched on Thursday 10 November at the Glenside Campus of the University of the West of England. The national network is an initiative of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy which wants to expand research in this area.

Dr Shea Palmer, of the University of the West of England, who is jointly leading the research hub in Bristol with Dr Fiona Cramp says the aim is to encourage more physiotherapy research which will ultimately benefit patients, “The network is basically about bringing people together and facilitating any physiotherapy-related research work. We hope that any research work should be directly relevant to the needs of patients. For example physiotherapy colleagues are already working on studies to assess whether treatments such as electrical stimulation (often known as ‘TENS’ and used for women in labour) and exercise, might be beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Other members are researching the effectiveness of exercise and taping in the treatment of ‘movie-goers’ knee, and a further research project will look at fatigue in those with cancer and whether exercise could help build up tolerance to activity. Additional work includes falls in the elderly and professional football injuries.

“We will be setting up a database of research to share information between physiotherapists and other health professionals. We hope that research will enhance the scientific basis for physiotherapy and more effective treatments may mean fewer visits to the physiotherapist for patients. At the end of the day any research that is undertaken will be about improving patient care.”

The network is being launched in Bristol with a special event on 10 November, to which local physiotherapists and health professionals have been invited.

The two facilitators of the network in Bristol are Dr Fiona Cramp and Dr Shea Palmer at UWE.


Editor’s notes

Launch event:
Thursday 10 November 2005, 17:30 - 19:15 (followed by refreshments)
At room 1F11, University of the West of England, Blackberry Hill, Bristol, BS16 1DD

5:30pm Welcome
Prof Robin Means, Associate Dean (Research), UWE
5:40pm Overview of the NPRN Executive
Prof Ann Moore, University of Brighton (NPRN Core Executive)
6:00pm Proposals for the Bristol Regional Hub
Dr Fiona Cramp, UWE
6:20pm “What has research ever done for us?”
Dr Denis Martin, Sheffield Hallam University (Chair CSP Scientific Panel)
7:00pm Plenary Session
Dr Shea Palmer, UWE (Chair)
7:15pm Refreshments

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