UWE sponsors leadership conference

Issue date: 08 November 2005

Leadership for Learning in South Gloucestershire
Bradley Stoke Community School

The Faculty of Education at the University of the West of England is one of the key sponsors of the ‘Leadership for Learning in South Gloucestershire’ conference on Friday 11 November 2005. The event will attract over 250 teachers, headteachers and other educational leaders from South Gloucestershire who will gather for a day of celebration and learning about leadership at the new Bradley Stoke Community School. The event has been organised by the recently established South Gloucestershire Leadership Academy.

More than 50 keynote lectures, talks, workshops and seminars lead by local, national and international speakers will provide new insights, opportunities for sharing good practice and networking and the chance to debate topical issues relating to leadership.

Professor Ron Ritchie, Dean of the Faculty of Education, said “South Gloucestershire is a relatively small authority and should be congratulated on organising an event on this scale which has the potential for long-term benefits to local professionals and the pupils with whom they work. The Faculty is pleased to be involved in a day that aims to showcase local initiatives as well as providing professionals with the opportunities to learn from others outside the authority.”

Tom Whittingam, leadership, management and government strategy manager at South Gloucestershire Council who has been key in organising the event, said, “The leadership Academy Day on 11 November will celebrate local innovative leadership research and enquiry and also profile the current national and international leadership partnerships of South Gloucestershire. The Academy is also striving to develop leaders of the future, at all levels across the Children and Young Peoples Service and to be of benefit to all pupils in South Gloucestershire.”


Editor’s notes

The Leadership Academy grew out of a partnership in leadership development between school leaders and South Gloucestershire Council’s Learning and School Effectiveness Service in June 2004.

South Gloucestershire established a Leadership Academy for leaders of learning with a research centre based at The University of the West of England (UWE). The South Gloucestershire Leadership Academy:
• Is the ‘hub’ of leadership debate, research and enquiry, providing a high quality platform for celebrating innovation and learning
• Encourages individual lead learners to undertake their own research and enquiry, the outcomes of which will inform and enhance the work of the Leadership Academy
• Is proactive in disseminating its research and enquiry work to all South Gloucestershire schools.

The South Gloucestershire Leadership Academy offers a wide range of opportunities for leaders (and potential leaders) in education to:
• Improve leadership skills
• Share ideas with other leaders, both nationally and internationally
• Participate in enquiry and research groups
• Be part of the Leadership Academy

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