Bristol universities welcome new international students

Issue date: 19 October 2005

Issue date: 19/10/05

New international students, who have just started their studies in the city, are being invited by the University of the West of England and Bristol University to attend the fifth annual Welcome Reception at the Wildwalk, At-Bristol on Wednesday 19 October 2005 at 18:30.

The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Abraham will welcome new international students as part of the community of the city of Bristol. Students will also be greeted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Professor Eric Thomas and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England, Alfred Morris.

Kristina Nink, who has helped to organise the event for UWE says, “We not only want to welcome students at the respective Universities, but also want to make them feel part of the wider community of Bristol, outside the Universities, and encourage them to become involved.

“International students studying at the two universities come from over 120 countries, from China to Nigeria and from the Netherlands to Mexico. We welcome the cultural diversity they bring to our institutions and to the city.”

During a light buffet, new international students will get a chance to meet and speak with their respective Vice-Chancellors and various representatives of their universities. At the Wildwalk, students will also be able to join a guided tour of this wonderful interactive museum of life on earth.


Editor’s notes

For questions or more information contact Kristina Nink at or on 0117 32 82010.

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