UWE invests in state of the art 'X-ray' equipment

Issue date: 13 October 2005

UWE invests in state of the art ‘X-ray’ equipment for students

Students learning to be radiographers in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of the West of England will soon be benefiting from using the very latest technology in their training.
The Diagnostic Imaging Suite has been upgraded and students will now be trained in the production of digital radiographs and learn how to use them in a wide range of clinical settings.
Stuart Grange, Programme Leader in Diagnostic Imaging, says, “The new facilities mean that X-ray images will now be able to be captured using a digital imaging technique known as Computed Radiography, where imaging plates are used instead of conventional film. These images can then be viewed on a workstation and advanced image processing tools used to help optimise the image for interpretation. Students will have access to several workstations where they can view and manipulate medical images. By enabling students to train with the latest equipment we aim to make sure they are fully skilled and up to date with the most advanced technology when they move out into the workplace. The new technology can help to improve the diagnostic usefulness of radiographic images, and ultimately we hope that this will benefit patients.
“The Faculty has also purchased a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which stores and demonstrates a wide range of radiological images suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. PACS is now being implemented in the majority of clinical settings and students need to be familiar with it. The new system will be available over the network for staff and students to view images relevant to their studies. We believe this new investment will better prepare students for their working lives in an increasingly technological field.”
Student radiographers will be able to use the new equipment to produce radiographic images on mannekins thereby gaining essential skills prior to their first placement or maintaining skills during academic blocks. In addition, the facilities of the PACS system will enable students to develop understanding in essential aspects of image manipulation and enhancement relevant to the full range of diagnostic imaging techniques.

The School of Allied Health Professions within the Faculty of Health and Social Care is holding an official opening to launch the new facilities on Friday 14 October at 12.00 on the Glenside Campus of the University of the West of England.


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