Seminar highlights impact of addiction on families

Issue date: 22 July 2005

Issue date: 22/07/05

Heavy drinking, illegal drug use and related problems inflict a huge human cost. Many of those most affected by such problems are the family members related to people with alcohol and drug problems.

In response to this problem, addiction researchers at the University of the West of England have joined forces with the charity, the Addictions Forum, to arrange a public seminar in Birmingham on Wednesday 21 September at 14.00. The seminar entitled ‘Marginalised and Misunderstood: A programme of research and action with family members’ will be lead by Professor Jim Orford of the Department of Psychology in the University of Birmingham.

Professor Orford, a world authority on addiction and the family, will be speaking about a programme of research and practical action with the relatives of people with alcohol and drug problems.

Professor Martin Plant from the University of the West of England, one of the organisers of this meeting commented, “This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the world’s experts talk about a problem that affects millions of people in this country. The is growing evidence that family members can be supported and also play a crucial role in helping people get over problems with legal and illegal drugs. Jim Orford’s pioneering work gives some hope to many who have simply given up hope.”

The seminar takes place at the Green Room, The Wynner House, 143 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham B5 6RG on Wednesday 21 September at 14.00 hours. To register please contact Jan Green at the University of the West of England on 0117 328 8800 or e-mail Cost is £5.00 (Addiction Forum members)and £8.00(non members)


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