UWE students animation work on show today

Issue date: 21 June 2005

Animation Show 12 noon, Tuesday 21 June, 2005
Cinema 1, Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

Animation work by talented young filmmakers from the Bristol School of Art Media and Design at the University of the West of England will be shown in the Watershed today (21 June 2005 at 12 noon).

Students studying for the MA in Animation, as well as students on undergraduate courses specialising in animation, will show a range of films created using a wide variety of techniques.

“The Superhousewife”, created by Steffi Herwig (MA Animation) is a surreal tale of a woman’s quest for cleanliness. Steffi says, “The lonely housewife’s occupation in life is cleaning. Eventually there is not enough dirt to keep her busy and she loses her meaning in life. But she finds an ingenious way to ensure that she can keep cleaning forever. The film is based on a short story and inspired by my love of Picasso and Leger. I combined textured material with flat graphics and created the artwork in Photoshop and Flash.”

Jamie Child has always wanted to be a filmmaker and his film “Until the Clouds Clear” is a love story that combines live action with animation. Jamie explains, “The film was inspired by a Greek myth about two lovers who were separated by the ocean. I liked the idea of having two people build a relationship with each other, even though they can’t get to one another. Between these two people is an infinite drop, and the only way they know each other is they visit the same place every day at the same time. I filmed footage of the two people and then designed and drew the backgrounds myself and put the characters on top of them.
I want to pursue a career in filmmaking, and I want to spend the next few years learning as much as I possibly can about every aspect of making films.”

These students along with others specialising in animation will be showing their films as the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, today 21 June at 12 noon. After the show there will be an opportunity to ‘meet the animations’ in Waterside 3.


Editor’s notes

Media are welcome to turn up to the event. Please contact the Press Office.

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