Alternative Series to discuss 'Passionate Cities'

Issue date: 07 June 2005

Issue date: 07/06/05

Watershed Media Centre Tuesday 14 June at 19.00

The Alternative Series will return to the Watershed on Tuesday 14 June opening with a talk by Professor Nigel Thrift from the University of Oxford entitled ‘Passionate Cities.’

The Alternative Series is now in its third successful year and organisers at the Centre for Critical Theory at the University of the West of England say that the gown coming to town approach seems to find wide appeal. Director of the Centre for Critical Theory, Dr Simon Thompson said, “The Watershed provides just the right balance for the café culture style of lecture that this series has grown into. We are expecting much interest in this lecture so book early to avoid disappointment.

Professor Thrift summarises his talk, ‘Passionate Cities’: “Western cities are often depicted as on the brink of catastrophe. Indeed, some argue that they have never been closer to that brink. This Cassandra interpretation is so prevalent since it draws on wellsprings of misanthropy, and which are rarely voiced because sociality is too often confused with liking. Yet it is vital to tackle misanthropy head on.”

In his talk Professor Thrift argues against it by focussing on activities of repair and maintenance. He says, “Currently there is a coming together in cities of all kinds of affective politics of concern which can act as a counter to misanthropy, but which do not mistake the practice of this politics for a search after perfection.”

Tickets are available in advance from the Box Office, Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canons Road, Bristol BS1 5TX Tel 0117 92 75100. For further information about the Centre for Critical Theory Tel 0117 21 84321 or e-mail


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