UWE presents Boxing Clever packaging exhibition

Issue date: 14 April 2005

Issue date: 14/04/05

The University of the West of England has organised at travelling exhibition by established artists and students entitled ‘Boxing Clever’ that explores the potential of packaging as an art form.

The first exhibition will be held at the Bristol School of Art Media and Design, Bower Ashton Campus on 18 to 22 April. The show will then continue on to the Royal West of England Academy from 30 April to 3 June and a concluding exhibition will be shown at IMPACT 4, International Printmaking Conference at the Muzeum Narodowe w Poznzuiu at Pozan in Poland.

There is also a competition for schools, sponsored by Hewlett Packard and UWE. Schools submitted their most innovative designs, the best will be included in the artists’ portfolio and will be shown in Britain, Europe and America. Huw Robson from Hewlett Packard Bristol selected the works. The school will also be awarded a prize for their support of the student’s efforts.

Carinna Parraman, exhibition organiser, said, “Prints are usually hung on the wall, framed and flat. This portfolio, whilst starting-off life as a flat print, presents an added dimension. The intention behind this portfolio exchange and exhibition is to combine the printed image and paper engineering, and to create a new three-dimensional artwork. Artists and students have participated in this project, providing a wide range of ideas and designs.”

Some artists have subverted the idea of folding, as exampled by Imi Maufe who invites you to Cut, Fold and Throw and to literally to screw into a ball. Erik Kok’s paper clay requires an alternative approach to completing the work by firing the paper clay in a kiln. Particularly tricky paper engineering and decoration can be seen in the works by Penny Brewill’s Design for an Efficient Maid of all Work Jonathan Narachinron’s Nara Banana, Jonathan Ward’s Spot Colour.

Helen Snell has created a new version to the meaning of life in her animal factory The Animals Went in Two by Two. Sarah Bodman’s Instant Bookshelf Filler enables you to extend your library and impress your friends, by providing a dummy set of life-size books to slide onto an empty bookshelf. Following the book theme, Douglas Holleley has created a pyramid of books, entitled The Monument to Ephemeral Facts. Sue Cunliffe presents a historical interpretation to the term Boxing Clever, complete with boxers, a kangaroo called Clever-Lass and a boxing ring. Whether the explanation is true is up to you…. Kathryn Reeves invites you to swim in shark infested waters in Ocean Fragment, and depending on the folding of the work you can swim in a rough or calm sea. As for Ships passing in the night, different lighting conditions will complete the atmosphere of Rudi Bastiaan’s work.

Carinna Parraman continues, “Submissions from schools have been truly fantastic and thanks must go the teachers for their inspiration, motivation and commitment to the project. Work includes jewelled caskets by GCSE students from King Edmund Community School; deconstructed envelopes and wrapped boxes from Redland High School for Girls. Sidcot School have used the format of a cube to explore faces or three dimensional objects, there are typographic designs from students at Braunschweig School of Art Germany and intricate paper cutting by MA students at Camberwell College of Arts.”


Editor’s notes

Images can be supplied – please contact Jayne Andrews in the UWE Press Office

King Edmund Community School
Teacher: Mrs C. Hopcroft

Redland High School for Girls
Teacher: Mrs K. George

Redland High School for Girls
Teacher: Mrs R. Hayward

Sidcot School
Teacher: Ross Wallis

Stoodley Knowle School
Teacher: Helen Snell

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