UWE researchers star in national economics conference

Issue date: 18 March 2005

Issue date: 18/03/05

Three economists from the University of the West of England are presenting papers at the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference to be held at the University of Nottingham on 21 to 23 March 2005. Their papers have also been chosen to be press released by the organisers.

The conference is the most prestigious event in annual calendar for academic, government and business economists and to have three speakers invited to present papers is a great accolade which places UWE firmly on the map as a leading institution for Economics research.

Professor Paul Dunne who is an expert on defence and peace economics and applied economics will front a session on ‘The Economics of War and Conflict’, which will count the count the cost of war – in Iraq and elsewhere.’ He said, “War and conflict have major economic impacts and their true costs are often not realised. It is important that economists use their skills to make the true cost of conflict apparent and hence the importance of achieving and maintaining peace.”

Dr Peter Howells and Dr Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal whose research interests include monetary policy and central banking will present a paper entitled ‘Why the European Central Bank’s Monetary Policy seems less transparent. Dr Howells said, “Research shows that while more ‘openness’ may have improved monetary policy outcomes in the UK, you can still be obscure and quite successful.”

Head of School, Dr Richard O’Doherty commented: “This is the most important conference for the Economics profession in the UK and a major international event. It is a great accolade for UWE to have three representatives at the conference and for them to have being given such high profile. It illustrates the growing research strength and reputation of the School of Economics and bodes well for the future. We are delighted.”


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