UWE launches new Services for Students centre

Issue date: 21 February 2005

Issue date: 21/02/05

The University of the West of England is to launch a new centre for students on 23 February 2005. The Career Development Unit and the Community Volunteer Programme have moved to a prime site on the Frenchay Campus. The new centre is now located at the heart of the Campus next to the Bolland Library and Core 24 café bar in a huge space above the main University Reception which opened in June last year. Ray Burton, Chairman of UWE’s Board of Governors will open the centre and present certificates at a special awards ceremony for students who have dedicated significant time to voluntary work.

The global financial corporation, JP Morgan will be the first employer to take space in the new centre. Representatives from JP Morgan’s recruitment team will come to the launch to hold a recruitment skills workshop and promote employment opportunities to students.

Neil Harrison, Head of Information, Projects and Research (CSA) said "Community volunteering has been an integral part of student life for many years and it is great to see it getting greater exposure at UWE. The co-siting with the Career Development Unit is a useful synergy. Voluntary experience makes an important contribution to students' employability and personal development, whether or not it is job-focused."

John Clarke, Head of the Career Development Unit is delighted with the move of this key service area. He said, “In the past students have had to come and find us as we were located on the third floor of the student union building. Now that the service is located in the hub of the University the service has the visibility needed and more students will drop in for help and advice. There is still a sizeable exhibition area which can be used for a range of events including business and voluntary organisations to promote work and volunteering opportunities.”


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