Issue date: 14 December 2004

ISSUE DATE: 14/12/04

The School of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) at the University of the West of England has secured a contract worth £17,000 to work with local businesses in order to encourage better knowledge and understanding of international communications.

The project, which runs from November to April 2005, is managed by the Regional Languages Network South-West, based in Exeter, and UWE will act as the Bristol hub, one of three hubs in the region. The aim is to make local companies aware that having their own strategy to deal with overseas customers and suppliers could make a substantial difference to their business.

Dr Peter Gold, Head of the LLAS School and organizer of UWE’s bid, said: “I am delighted that we have secured this contract. It will enable us to develop our outward-facing activities, make a contribution to the growth of local businesses, and also provide those of us with a particular interest in language and business culture with an excellent opportunity to acquire some useful data for research purposes.”

“The project will focus on helping businesses to identify not only their language needs but also to appreciate the importance of understanding differences in business culture and the whole area of intercultural communication.”


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