Issue date: 26 November 2004

ISSUE DATE: 26/11/04

The School of History at the University of the West of England is to hold a workshop on Prisoners of War during the Second World War, (Saturday 4 December, Room 9 - Main Building, St Matthias Campus).

The workshop will bring together historians from several UK universities who have a special interest and expertise in the history of POWs and how they have been treated in different places and at different times in history.

Dr Kent Fedorowich, who organized the seminar said, “Until ten years ago, POW history was an obscure adjunct of military history and was not regarded – with one or two notable exceptions - as part of the mainstream within the historical profession. Indeed, public interest tended to be monopolised by misleading interpretations produced by Pinewood and Hollywood. With the current unrest in Afghanistan and Iraq, issues surrounding the treatment of political detainees and POWs have put these and other war-related interests under the intense spotlight of world opinion. The scholars gathering at UWE have and continue to make major strides in putting POW history into the mainstream of historical debate.”

The speakers and their subjects are:

Dr Bob Moore, University of Sheffield ‘The Study of POW History: New Perspectives’
Dr Neville Wylie, University of Nottingham ‘Defending the Undefended: British POWs in Nazi Germany – Power Politics and the Power of Rules’

Dr Gerry Douds, University College, Worcester ‘The Men Who Never Were: Indian POWs in the Pacific, 1941-1945’

Dr Barbara Hately-Broad, University of Sheffield ‘A comfort to know that someone thought about the ones that are left’: The Work of the Huddersfield POW Committee, 1940-1946’.

Ms Suzanne Hall, University of Nottingham
‘Pragmatism or Humanitarianism: The Special Operations Executive and POW Recovery’

The conference is open to members of the public and there is no charge for admittance.

For further details of the conference contact Dr Kent Fedorowich, School of History, ext 84382 or Kent.Fedorowich@uwe.ac.uk.


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