Issue date: 18 November 2004

Students from three schools in Bristol have produced their own short film called Brief Consequences based on the game ‘consequences’ which is to be shown at a special free screening at the Watershed in Bristol on 20 November.

Students from Oldbury Court Primary School, Hillfields Primary and Hartcliffe Engineering Community College in Bristol were provided with two actors and a location, and they had to do the rest. Oldbury Court Primary School produced the beginning of the film, Hartcliffe Engineering Community College made the middle, and Hillfields School concluded the narrative.

The young people from each school were given total control over the scripting, camera work, directing and overall style of their section of the film, with technical support from two UWE media graduates, Mark Sennet and Megan Lynas. Each school was given the challenge to produce their section of the film, not knowing what the preceding schools had done. The only thing they were given as a clue was a still photo of the last shot.

Shawn Sobers, a Senior Lecturer on the Media foundation course at UWE managed the project through his company Firstborn Creatives ( Shawn says, “This unique short film is an excellent example of experimental filmmaking at its most fun. The young people involved revelled in the opportunity to be able to film the most wild ideas they has stored in their imaginations, and it was great the way they were able to work together creatively as a team.

The project was commissioned especially by the Brief Encounters Film Festival, and funded by the Greater Bristol Foundation.

The film will be shown in Watershed Cinema 3, on Saturday 20 Nov, at 12.15, the event is free and lasts an hour. No tickets are needed for this event.


Editor’s notes

Jpeg visual available upon request from the Press Office.

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