Issue date: 08 November 2004

The University of the West of England in collaboration with University College, London, has won a collaborative bid to the EPSRC’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunities Fund for a project on sustainable urban design, with two Japanese universities. The application was one of a mirror image pair, made on the UK ‘side’ by UCL in partnership with UWE, and on the Japan side, by Meiji University in partnership with Kanagawa University.

The focus of the collaboration is urban design and regeneration, particularly sustainable toilet provision in city centres and ergonomic facilities design aspects. Comparisons will be made of public attitudes towards new toilet technologies within the two cultures in respect of innovations in public toilet provision.

Professor Clara Greed from the Faculty of the Built Environment at UWE said, “This is an exciting project which fits in well around the current collaboration with UCL on the nationwide Vivacity project. We are delighted to be working with partners at Meiji University and Kanagawa University. The Japanese are generally light years ahead of the UK in their attitude to public toilet provision as part of wider sustainable urban planning priorities and this project will help to raise the profile of this important but often overlooked planning issue.”

A collaborative visit will be made to Japan (and vice versa) to provide the groundwork for a future research between the four universities whose representatives comprise: Professor Sakaue at Department of Architecture, Meiji University, Kawasaki City; Professor Shiohiko Takahashi Department of Engineering, Kanagawa University; Mr Atsushi Kato, Research fellow at Meiji University and Japan Toilet Association.; Professor Clara Greed, School of Architecture and Planning, University of the West of England; Professor Julienne Hanson, University College London, Bartlett Graduate School of Architecture and Jo-Anne Bichard, Research fellow on the current EPSRC Vivacity toilet project.

Professor Julienne Hanson and Professor Clara Greed will be visiting the Far East to attend the National Toilet Symposium Tokyo on 10-11 November that will include an open discussion session between the four collaborating institutions to kick-start the programme. Dr Greed is also an invited keynote speaker at the Beijing World Toilet Summit commencing 15 November 2004 where further liaison will be made between the British Toilet Association and the Japan Toilet Association within the context of the steering group of the World Toilet Organisation, on which Dr Greed represents the UK.


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