Issue date: 29 October 2004

ISSUE DATE: 29/10/04

Are you aged between ten and twenty and do you have acne? If so Melissa Wallace, a PhD psychology researcher from the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England, would like to talk to you. Melissa is seeking participants who live in Bristol and the surrounding area to take part in a project that will explore the impact of having acne on thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Melissa is looking for people in the above age bracket who have experienced acne for at least six months, including young people who are currently experiencing acne and those who have experienced it up to five years ago.

Melissa explains “The aim of the research is to explore and identify appearance concerns of young people with acne and ascertain how these may have impacted on aspects of their lives. In addition, the ways in which young people adjust and manage appearance changes will be explored. Ultimately, this research will contribute to guidelines and recommendations for the improvement and development of psychosocial care and support for young people experiencing acne.”

Participating involves either completing a few short questionnaires, or taking part in an interview. If you would be interested in finding out more about this research, please contact Melissa on 0117 328 3939 for a confidential chat, or e-mail her at Melissa2.Wallace@uwe.ac.uk.


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