Issue date: 27 October 2004

ISSUE DATE: 27/10/04

HP Professor Stephen Hoskins MA RCA
Venue: Hewlett-Packard Research Labs
Date and Time: Thursday 28 October at 5.30pm

Hewlett-Packard Professor of Fine Print Stephen Hoskins from the University of the West of England will give his inaugural lecture entitled ‘Why we do what we do – The Surface Aesthetic and Tactile Qualities of a Printed Artefact’ on 28 October 2004 at Hewlett-Packard Research Labs, Bristol.

Professor Hoskins is Director of the Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE. He is a practising printmaker and his primary area of research is in fine print and its colour consequences for digital technology.

In his talk, Professor Hoskins will outline the four primary printing processes used by fine printmakers - relief, planographic, intaglio, and screenprint - placing them in context with digital technology. He will debate the future of digital printing and the potential of exploiting the surface qualities. The role of surface and the tactile nature of each process will be explained through examples and he will also outline current research theory.

Professor Hoskins explains “Colour quality in digital print has been driven by computing characteristics and commercial expediency. This has created a particular approach to the quality of colour print on paper that has disappointing relevance to aesthetics and surface characteristics,”

“Artists, on the other hand, choose their print process to match the qualities of both the colour and surface they require in an individual print. They undertake processes developed through craft techniques such as mixing subtractive colour with white. Printing is typically done in multiple passes in order to control the absorbency of the ink into the substrate.”
Research initiated by Professor Hoskins has identified three new commercial opportunities by re-interpreting old technologies in a modern digital context.
The lecture will discuss the rationale for assessing the different practical approaches adopted by printmakers and the development of theoretical guidelines for application in the selection of printing inks, papers and techniques in digital printing.

Huw Robson of Hewlett-Packard welcomes the collaboration, saying “the deep and rich mix of creative and technical skills that Hoskins and the Centre have is unique in my experience, and HP have already benefited from important insights in to the needs and demands of fine art print makers when making large format digital prints”.

Professor Hoskins has exhibited widely throughout the world including in Taiwan, Bulgaria, Japan, France and Malaysia. He is co-organiser of the bi-annual IMPACT series of international printmaking conferences - the next of which will take place in Poland and Berlin in September 2005. He was also academic supervisor on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Cranfield Colours Printing Inks which won last year’s DTI award for Best Application of Knowledge.


Editor’s notes

Professor Stephen Hoskins MA RCA is Vice-President of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers. His work appears in collections in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Gallery and in many corporate collections worldwide. He is a member of the editorial board of Printmaking Today and is an educational advisor on the board of the Association of European Printing Museums. His latest book, 'Ink’, is published by A and C Black. His previous book ‘Water Based Screenprinting,’ has been translated into German and Chinese.

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