Issue date: 17 August 2004

ISSUE DATE: 17/08/04

Sometimes the reasons for entering Clearing have nothing to do with A level results. Florence Wong who has just achieved a First Class degree in Architecture and Planning at the University of the West of England scored 3 A’s at A level but she still had to apply via Clearing.

Florence explains, “I had received an unconditional offer from a London University but my family situation changed which meant that my parents could not afford for me to study architecture in London. I was very disappointed because I had got the grades I hoped for and I had not anticipated having to revise these plans. However four years on with a first class honours degree under my belt things do not look so gloomy.

“The course at UWE is the only one in the country offering a combination of Architecture and Planning so I didn’t have to give up studying Architecture and I also got the chance to learn about planning which is great! This has also worked well for me because there is such a shortage of planners at the moment so there are plenty of jobs around.”

Florence did not visit UWE before taking the place because she ran out of time and was feeling quite depressed by the fact that she couldn’t accept the unconditional offer she had in London. But she found that the admissions team were very helpful and understanding. “The admissions team was helpful and friendly and they dealt with my case very swiftly.”

Florence now plans to continue studying towards a Masters qualification. She has also managed to complete the course without significant debt as she had three part–time jobs during the first year of study. She said, “I used to worry about debt but I don’t any more because I think they will be paid in the long term.”

Entering clearing does not mean that you are doomed advises Florence, she said, “Being able to go to the university that you like, is of course the perfect thing to happen. But going through Clearing doesn’t mean that you are a loser. Don’t just concentrate on the negative side. You never know what’s waiting in store for you until you try. Something which appears disastrous can turn out unexpectedly well. My course was tough dual qualification which meant a lot of hard work and very little sleep but I loved it. I think if you have a passion for something then you’ll find it works out OK in the long run!”

UWE’s Clearing lines are open from Monday 16 August. Call 0117 32 83333.


Editor’s notes

Jpeg visual of Florence Wong available from Jayne.Andrews@uwe.ac.uk

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