Issue date: 19 July 2004

ISSUE DATE: 19/07/04

Farnborough International Air Show FI2004
19 to 25 July 2004

The University of the West of England will display its state-of-the-art Merlin Flight simulator at the Farnborough International Air Show from 19 to 25 July 2004. The latest model, the MP521 simulator will be displayed on stand E2 in Hall 4 which has been taken up by the Association of Aerospace Universities (AAU). UWE’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) invested well over £100K in the simulator so that students studying for awards in aerospace engineering have the chance to design and test a great variety of aircraft models and experiment with all aspects of aeronautics science and engineering.

UWE's MP521 simulator, a new product from the Merlin Flight Simulation Group, has a wide bodied capsule with a full width instrument panel and a real-time visual scene. The flight software is very sophisticated, and provides a full six-degree of freedom model. The capsule is mounted on a full six axis hydraulic motion system, which provides a realistic flight feel for the aircraft designs being simulated. Model data is directly entered by the students, and does not require any computer programming. The simulator provides a valuable link between theory and practice for students of Mechanics of Flight and Aerodynamics. Furthermore, the use of a simulator highlights the importance of appropriate handling characteristics in the teaching of aircraft design and is used as a high tech practical computer aided design tool, in the evaluation of student designs in parallel with theoretical design studies.

Alexander Fanourakis, the Aerospace Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Development Officer and Finance Manager from the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) at UWE will be present at the stand during the show. He said, “The Faculty is very proud to have access to this fantastic resource for teaching. The Merlin MP521 is at the cutting edge of educational flight simulator design and we are the envy of all other universities offering aerospace courses”.

“We will hold demonstrations throughout the week. Experienced students will display their flying models demonstrating their capabilities. We will also be inviting a number of experienced pilots to fly and demonstrate the importance of aircraft simulation.

“In addition, the AAU stand, on which the UWE simulator will be exhibited, will be manned by a number of AAU university member representatives, who will be delighted to provide advice on all Aero related educational enquiries. Also, please note that, through the Association of Aerospace Universities advice can also be offered on both Academic and Industrial Research and Consultancy enquiries.”

“All twenty-five universities and nine corporate members will be represented on the stand, with experts in: Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Manufacturing, Aerospace Systems, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Safety, Materials Technology, Wind Tunnel Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aviation Management, Flight Crew Training, Air Transport Operations and many more. The stand will emphasise the role of AAU members in providing world-class ‘Higher Education, Research and Industrial Consultancy’.”

For more details on the actual FI2004 air show, check the FI2004 website: http://www.farnborough.com


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