Issue date: 28 June 2004

ISSUE DATE: 28/06/04

More than 100 students from 13 West Country secondary schools will meet at the University of the West of England on Wednesday 30 June to explore advanced mathematical concepts, some of which have excited mathematicians for centuries.

The students come from a wide area and include representatives from Brimsham Green, John Cabot CTC, Shaftsbury School, Prior Park College, Badminton School, St Katherines, Backwell, Marlwood, Weston Sixth form College, Cotham Grammar, Broadlands, Bridgwater College and QEH. All schools in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset were invited to attend.

The Maths Events Day has been organised by the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol who will run a series of workshops. The subjects will include Log and Exponentials: What use are they? The Monty Hall Problem; How to find Pi; Continued Fractions and Knots, The Golden Ratio and other famous numbers and The Pizza Delivery problem.

One of the highlights is a talk by Dr Alan Slomson from Leeds University on the subject ‘How to Play Games with Trees.”

Alison Hooper, Head of the Mathematical Sciences School at UWE’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics said, “The Maths Events Day is designed to show the students that mathematics can be fun and also to advertise that mathematics graduates have a wide range of job opportunities open to them. Mathematics is a shortage subject and national statistics show that fewer students than ever are going on to do A2 Mathematics or related degrees at university. The idea of the day is to consolidate mathematics learnt at AS level and encourage students to continue with their mathematics study.”

Students will also get the opportunity to hear presentations from recent graduates in mathematics or related disciplines, who will demonstrate how their present work relates to the mathematics learnt at A-level and at university. Companies supporting this event include Hewlett-Packard, the Office of National Statistics, the Defence Analytical Services Agency and Airbus

A fair is organised during the lunch break where the range of mathematics degrees on offer at both UWE and the University of Bristol are displayed and the companies talk informally to students about future career prospects.


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