Issue date: 22 June 2004

ISSUE DATE: 22/06/04

Experienced artists studying postgraduate courses at UWE will be showing their work in an exhibition at the Bower Ashton Campus of UWE from 25* – 28 June, 2004. The exhibition includes animation, sound, interactive media, printmaking, and fine art.

One of the students whose work will be on show is Anton Goldenstein. Anton is an MA student whose work has also been selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, a major competition open to fine art postgraduates as well as final year undergraduates and artists who graduated last year.

Anton, who gets some of his inspiration and many of the materials for his work from skips, says, “My artwork is primarily based in sculpture which is assemblage based, meaning I stick things together. As well as sculpture, I also make paint, collages, prints and ceramics. In the sculpture I mainly use found objects which I often find in skips. I create narratives through the construction of milieu. There are many themes explored in the work, mainly historical/political dialogue that makes reference to various elements of society including Westernisation, consumerism, film, and photography. Animals play the characters in the situations so as to enable the audience to remain removed from any implications or responsibility.”

Anton, who studied for his first degree at UWE and then returned three years after graduating to study for a Masters, says he finds Bristol an inspiring place to live, “I did get accepted at a London college to study for my Masters’ but decided to turn it down in favour of UWE and Bristol. Staying in Bristol enables me to lead a relatively comfortable lifestyle in comparison to the cost of living in London, and lets face it, you don’t have to live in London to succeed in the art world - and I know where all the skips are in Bristol!”

Another MA student, Sam Thomson, describes her work, “My work is concerned with language, and the notion that language constructs our understanding of everything, including the world around us and our perceptions of it. I am interested in the slippages that occur between visual and textual languages, and in the grey area that exists in translations between those language systems –systems through which we communicate, construct meaning and make sense of it.

“My work functions between definitions, and the humour evident in it acknowledges the fallibility of the frame of my enquiry. It is often knowingly absurd, but always suitably sincere.”

The exhibition of work by MA students is open to the public from Saturday 26 to Tuesday 29 June at the Faculty of Art, Media and Design, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol, BS3 2JT. Admission is free and the opening times are: 26 and 27 June, 10am - 4pm, 28 and 29 June, 10am - 8pm.

For further details contact the Faculty of Art, Media and Design Reception, Tel: 0117 328 4716 Email or visit:


Editor’s notes

• Members of the press and the media are invited to visit the Private View of the MA Show on Friday 25 June from 6 – 9pm. For further details contact the Faculty of Art, Media and Design Reception, Tel: 0117 328 4716, e-mail or visit:
• If you would like visual images of the work of Anton or Sam please contact the press office.

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