Issue date: 18 June 2004

ISSUE DATE: 18/06/04
Have you bought a house in Bristol recently? A researcher from the University of the West of England, Karen Stanbridge, is looking for people who have bought a home in Bristol in the past six months to take part in a study looking at the effects of residential relocation on travel habits.

The study is based in the Centre for Transport and Society at UWE’s Faculty of the Built Environment.

Karen is looking to find out if moving house causes people to change their travel patterns or mode of transport. Karen said. “We are looking at potential ways of reducing car travel and the research aims to determine if giving people more information when they move house about public transport links and routes might encourage them to leave the car at home.”

“Evidence suggests that people use their cars out of force of habit. Moving to a new location is an ideal time to redress old habits. The research will investigate recent movers attitudes towards travelling and if the move is a good time to take stock of transport issues. It will also explore if their travel has changed at all since moving house. By talking to people about their experiences we hope to be able to get an idea of what features are influencing travel behaviour during this time of potential change.”

“At this stage we are looking for around 15 homeowners in Bristol who will be interviewed about their experiences,” explained Karen. “Later stages will involve more participants.”

“Participants will be interviewed on a single occasion, which should take no more than one hour, about their daily travel before and after moving. The interview could involve all or some of the household together, or just one member.”

“Travel habits are easily developed, and difficult to break once formed. By gaining an understanding of how new habits are formed, we hope to be able to encourage the formation of new habits that are good for the environment and local community, and also reduce dependence on the car.”

People can find out more by calling Karen on 0117 328 3667, or emailing If they would like to be part of the study they will be asked a few questions and Karen will arrange to come and see them at a convenient time.


Editor’s notes

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