Issue date: 04 June 2004

ISSUE DATE: 04/06/04
Tuesday 8 June Graduate Fashion Week London
Saturday 12 June Industrial Museum Bristol

Final year Textiles and Fashion students from the University of the West of England will show off their collections at two shows, one as part of the Graduate Fashion Week in London on 8 June and at a special show in Bristol at the Industrial museum on 12 June.

Fashion student Jonathan Sweet has organised the Bristol event. He said, “We have spent the past three years raising £5,000 to put on the Bristol Show which will be the most exciting yet with a full length catwalk and professional lighting and music. We raised the cash by putting on theme nights at clubs and by student contributions saved over the three years.”

Jonathan came to fashion via Civil Engineering, “I found myself living in halls with loads of creative people and thought why on earth am I doing engineering when I want to design clothes. So three years on I’m doing exactly what I love and looking forward to taking up a place at the Royal College of Art next year where I will pursue my interest by studying for an MA in Printed Textiles.”

“I have been nominated for the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles award at the London Show. My collection is inspired by old science text books. I love the exactness and geometry of the diagrams in the textbooks and found inspiration in DNA and scientific machinery. I have designed the printed fabric as well as the clothes for my collection that comprises very feminine, summery, fresh silk jersey dresses in bold flat colour.” On completion of the MA Jonathan aims to work for a top New York Designer.

Student Profile: Catherine Le Huray

Catherine Le Huray’s collection is based on silhouettes and is entirely black though some fabrics are transparent. It is a highly wearable collection and she has created a sophisticated sleek range of women’s wear in fabrics which include leather, wool, satin and fur (sourced as a by-product of the meat industry and not from a fur farm).

Her collection includes trousers, dresses, a jacket and coat. The jacket is made of a high quality wool gabardine fabric with the arm cut on a curve so the fabric gathers slightly at the elbow. There is a plain stand up collar and the jacket, which falls open at the front, is cut slightly asymmetrically. The jacket can be teamed with a pair of narrow, tight trousers to create a sleek and sophisticated suit. The trousers are high waisted creating a new and different silhouette from current fashions.

Catherine says she is happy with her collection and for her it is the culmination of three year’s hard work, “I have learnt such a lot in the last three years, and the time has gone so quickly. The course has helped me to get a balance between my own creative ideas and the demands of the market place. I am looking forward to getting out into the industry and gaining some work experience with a company.”

Student Profile: Helen Lines

Helen Lines says her collection is based around the idea of the deconstruction and manipulation of existing garments which was then narrowed down to tailored jackets and trousers. Inspiration also came from the idea of the English gentlemen and old photographs found at a car boot sale, dated around the 1830's.

Describing how she made her collection, Helen says, “The tailored jackets and trousers were taken apart and boil washed with dye. This created heavy felted wool, and delicate hand stitching was made more prominent, too beautiful to be hidden away, as it is usually part of the construction of the jackets.

“My collection is a mixture of outfits that appear to be inside out. Seams and hand stitching are made to look decorative on the outside of the garments. Frayed, un-kept edges and pocket bags on the outside are all features.

“It is a collection with six tonal outfits - three orange, one each in blue, brown and green - consisting of a coat, jacket and waistcoats, shirts and trousers.

Helen, who describes her collection as wearable but also experimental. She says, “I will be doing an MA in Menswear at the Royal College of Art in London next year and this is the only course in the country specifically devoted to menswear. There is a lot of talk about menswear at the moment, interest is booming, and there are lots of competitions and opportunities to get involved, so I am really excited about working in this field.”

Student profile: Sophy Pavitt

Sophy Pavitt is a Fashion student who has worked on a joint project with a fellow UWE student, David Addison, who studied Graphic Design. Together they have developed a concept for a company called Stealporte – a fashionable brand which links graphic design, printing and fashion in a single concept. David’s installation at the Degree show is a living room where every item – including wallpaper, lampshades and sofas are screen printed with the team’s original graffiti-based letter prints and stylised fonts developed for the Stealporte brand. The inspiration for the brand comes from the concept of limited edition items – such as screen printed t shirts and is influenced by the underground graffiti scene and high fashion. Sophy’s collection of casual women’s ‘street’ wear includes t shirts, check trousers, shirt dresses and big baggy jumpers – all printed with the Stealporte logo. Their slogan is, ‘an experience to wear, to touch and to own.’

Sophy says she is also obsessed by trainers and likes to customise them by inserting original prints into the panels. Sophy says the partnership with David has been a really positive experience, “We decided early on the course that we would collaborate on our final project and we proved to ourselves and our tutors that we could work together. It has been a really valuable experience and I hope we will be able to make this brand work as a company. We intend to set up a web site for the Stealporte brand and sell clothes, bags, hats and accessories through the website.”


Editor’s notes

The following visuals are available from Jayne.Andrews@uwe.ac.uk;

Caption: Black jacket with black wool gabardine cropped trousers with satin detailing.
Caption: Outfit from Sophy Parvitt’s Stealporte range.
Caption: Dress from Jonathan Sweet’s collection.

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