Issue date: 03 June 2004

ISSUE DATE: 03/06/04

Faculty of Art, Media and Design, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Road
12 to 16 June 2004

The University of the West of England will once again throw open the doors of the Faculty of Art, Media and Design at Bower Ashton Campus for the Degree Show 2004 on Saturday 12 June to Wednesday 16 June 2004. The show will include animation, drawing, enamelling, fine art, graphic design, illustration, installations, interactive media, photography, print, short film, sound, textiles and video.

Professor Paul Gough, Dean of the Faculty of Art, Media and Design says, "The undergraduate show is one of the highlights of a busy year for the Faculty. From fashion to fine art, from drawing to design, this will be an action-packed event that is a major date in the cultural calendar of the south-west. Don't miss it!"

Student profile – Sally Stanley
Sally Stanley is a mature student who has fulfilled a lifetime dream by graduating from the first cohort of students on the new Drawing and Applied arts course. Sally's project involved about 100 people in the production of over 400 hand-stitched dolls. Sally explains, “I was initially inspired by pre-Colombian dolls seen in a museum in Mexico during a holiday last year. I also have an interest in women's history and the way their lives have been linked to sewing. My final year project grew out of a combination of these two interests.

“The project has crossed many stereotypical boundaries bringing together people of all ages and both genders to produce their own personal dolls. Some men taking part said it was fun and satisfying to be 'allowed' to sew. They were encouraged by the criteria that the dolls did not have to be perfect. I have initiated doll-making in my family, amongst friends, school-children, brownies, guides, a Towns Women's Guild and other groups. This has resulted in a fantastic selection of dolls ranging in height from 15cms to 60cms with the oldest contributor aged 93 years and the youngest 7 years. All the materials used are recycled and sometimes people have used materials of personal historical significance for making their doll, some dolls are neatly stitched whereas others are quite raggedy. For some people it is their first experience of stitching.

“I exhibited 60 dolls earlier in the year and discovered that the viewer response was sometimes very emotional as it seemed to stimulate old memories. I noted that doll-makers came to the exhibition to check on their own doll - the sense of attachment each maker has for their own doll is very strong. I think that visitors to the show will find the spectacle of such a varied and personal collection visually very stimulating and thought provoking.”

Student profile – Barney Sutton
Barney Sutton is in his final year of the BA (Hons) Time Based Media. His final project is an ambitious film based on a Game show called ‘Heaven or Hell’. The idea came from the proliferation of TV reality shows where people are made to feel uncomfortable for entertainment. “My central character is called Nigel Dent who is strangely obsessed with game shows. When he chokes to death he finds himself in his own idea of heaven where he has to take part in a game show at the pearly gates with St Peter as host.

“Nigel needs to win two out of three tasks to win a place in heaven. The tasks requires him to single out three things that he could have done better during his life and so emerges the theme of regret. We had so much fun making this film and the sets and costumes designed by fellow student Pip Smith are really amazing. The film is one of the biggest ever produced by UWE students and many tutors were unsure that such an ambitious project would get off the ground. However despite the lowest budget imaginable we have managed to pack in location and studio filming, commercial breaks, comedy action and drama. Barney and his team will be taking the resulting 25 minute film ‘Heaven or Hell’ to film exhibitions and shows after they graduate.”

Student Profile – Kirstie Macleod
Kirstie McLeod, is a textile student whose final show ‘Dreaming dresses’ came out of a six month project on sleep. There are five dresses based on the fact that this is the average number of dreams a person will have during one night. The dresses are meant to be viewed in a gallery, and Kirstie says they are totally impractical and not intended to be worn.

Kirstie explains, “Every part of the dress is dreaming. They are all put together illogically, back to front, with some parts enlarged and some parts shrunken. I used a standard pattern but all the pieces have been put together in a higgledy piggledy way with each dress based on a dream. One represents a nightmare with distressed fabric that has been pulled, stretched and even sandpapered so that it is worn and frayed. One is based on a friend’s nightmare where she was stuck in a bowl of soup time travelling forever. I have rigged up a tumble dryer to create a spinning vortex effect with the dress inside it. One of the dreams is a flying dream for which I have stretched the fabric of the dress over a 3 foot helium filled balloon”

Opening times for the show are 12 June: 10am to 6pm; 13 June 10am to 4 pm; 14 and 15 June, 10am to 8pm; 16 June 10am to 4pm. Admission: Free of charge.


Editor’s notes

The following visuals are available upon request from Jayne.Andrews@uwe.ac.uk ;

Kirstie Macleod’s dreaming dress
Sally Stanley and her collection of hand stitched dolls

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