Issue date: 04 May 2004

ISSUE DATE: 04/05/04

Sideways Looks 2004 is an exhibition and screening of media production work, by University of the West of England students on the BA Cultural and Media Studies programme, at the Watershed Media Centre from Wednesday 12 May to Thursday 13 May.

Seth Giddings, Lecturer in the School of Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences at UWE said “The event will demonstrate our students’ distinct critical and creative approaches to the theory and practice of documentary video, interactive media, journalism and photo media. The students have produced some very innovative work challenging established media conventions. Their experimental and critical approach will make this an exciting and interesting show.”

Carina Jones has specialised in photomedia, said ‘Using footwear as a metaphor, my collection of images; ‘Disembodied Lust’, Footwear, Fetish and Femininity is a surreal exploration of the experiences and projections of femininity.”

Sarah Eagleton has produced two documentary videos. She says, ‘My work is an exploration into the female body using two models aged 87 and 22 respectively. The 34 minute videos will be shown simultaneously with the viewer watching and listening to activity on both screens. The films use video documentation techniques with an ‘amateur’ home-edited style. I hope to provoke questions, feelings and emotions from my audience through this very personal and confrontational video technique.”

Nick Beach has concentrated on photography. He said, “My aim is to ask questions about the role played by binary opposites in the creation of meaning in culture. Through a series of images I have represented different sets of binary pairs in culture. I hope, rather than to induce one particular meaning, my work will allow the audience to draw multiple meanings, therefore demonstrating the polymorphism of the photography medium and of meaning itself.”

Admission is free and the opening times are 12noon to 6.30pm on Wednesday 12 May, 9.30am to 4.30pm on Thursday 13 May.


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