Issue date: 20 April 2004

ISSUE DATE: 20/04/04

Over 300 sixth formers from 15 schools across the South West will attend an innovative History A level day at UWE on 21 April to enhance and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Originally scheduled as one half-day session on ‘Europe of the Dictators’, the demand was so overwhelming that a separate morning session was organised to accommodate as many schools as possible. Those attending will choose to attend one of three lectures given by experts from the School of History at UWE’s St Matthias Campus and then move on to one of six specialist workshops on offer.

The lectures they can choose from will focus on Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler and the workshops will look at the foreign and domestic policies of each of these dictators. During the workshops there will be a chance for pupils to learn how to analyse documents and cartoons from the period. By working in small groups led by academic specialists, students will experience university-level seminar work independently of their teachers, who will be attending a separate, specially-designed workshop on History provision at UWE.

Madge Dresser, Principal lecturer in History, who has helped to organise the day says, “This day is a chance for sixth form students of History to learn from academic experts who are at the cutting-edge of their field. Specialist study packs will be given to the students attending each workshop and each school will receive a CD Rom covering all the workshop materials so that teachers have a resource they can use in future years. This day gives us the opportunity to share some of our excellent resources and our enthusiasm with both History A-level students and staff.”


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