Issue date: 23 October 2000

Brother and sister, Simon and Jessica Gwyn graduate on the 26 October 2000 from the University of the West of England with honours degrees from the Faculty of Economics and Social Science.

Jessica, aged 23, has achieved a BA(Hons) in Sociology and Social Policy and Simon, aged 21 has achieved BA(Hons) in Politics and Economics.

But Jessica and Simon are not the only family members to graduate from UWE. Their older siblings Victoria and Rebecca Gwyn came to UWE in 1996 to study Sociology. They will also attend the award ceremony today at Bristol Cathedral at 2.45pm.

Their mother, Charnisay Gwyn said, “They all seemed to like it here. We live in Scotland so it’s a long way to travel but each of them have made their own choice. They’re all individuals – we didn’t push them. Jessica and Simon visited their older siblings at UWE for parties and graduation and they liked UWE, the mix of people and the city – it seemed to strike the right chord with all of them.”

Jessica Gwyn said, “I already knew that I liked Bristol from visiting my older sisters but I based my decision to come to UWE on the course and the reputation of the university

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