Issue date: 08 March 2004

ISSUE DATE: 08/03/04

Ioannis Ieropoulos from the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory at the University of the West of England will be showing a poster describing his research work at the House of Commons on 15 March 2004 as part of the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) week celebrations.

Ioannis explains, "The poster will describe part of our research on the energetic autonomy for robots using Microbial Fuel Cells named EcoBot. The team's work is focused on the science of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) and how these can be exploited as self-sustaining energy sources. This forms the core of our long-term objective, which is to design and construct a robot that will be autonomous in the sense of finding its own energy source and converting that to electrical energy. Ideally, since MFCs are environmentally friendly the robot could be producing energy for essential elements of its behaviour from organic (food) waste.

“Recent experiments using a different kind of mixed microbial culture, to what was used so far in our work, have shown a significant improvement in average power output levels. In addition, this system has indicated extended lifetime, better pH stability and a potential of utilising a wider variety of substrates.

"As presenters, we have been asked to get in touch with our MP's in work and home areas to invite them to the event. This will give us a chance to present our work to MP's and to arrange future meetings. This is very important to us as it will give the opportunity to promote a small part of the research that is going on within our University and the University as a whole."

Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) for Britain is aimed at younger researchers in all fields of Science, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, with the objective to nurture, encourage and promote younger researchers through novel, high profile events where there is a good opportunity for poster presentations and short talks.

For more details please visit www.ias.uwe.ac.uk and follow the links for Energetic Autonomy.


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