Issue date: 17 February 2004

ISSUE DATE: 17/02/04

Fusion is a special exhibition to be held in the Faculty of Education at the University of the West of England which highlights collaborative work by art and science post graduate trainee teachers.

As well as original work by students, the exhibition will include work by the internationally known fashion designer and artist Professor Helen Storey from her Primitive Streak exhibit. On Tuesday 17 February Helen will give a presentation to students in the Faculty of Education along with scientist Dr John McLachlan about the notion of collaborations between scientists and artists. Helen is a fashion designer of international stature and is well known for a series of highly innovative collaborations with scientists.

Julian Davies, the lecturer in charge of the exhibition, says, “Art and Science are often seen as opposites in the curriculum but the purpose of our work is to explore the potential of collaborative approaches in teaching which will benefit both pupils and their teachers. The Faculty has been working with Hengrove School (and the Wonderful Project) - the project is led by the artist Luke Jerram and explores links between art and science. Luke will also be exhibiting work in our exhibition. During the week beginning 1 March, two groups of pupils from Hengrove School will visit the exhibition and take part in workshops developed by our art and science students.

“The aim of this project is to develop a CD Rom of teaching materials and we will also be developing materials that our trainees and partner schools may be able to use.”


Editors note

The Fusion exhibition runs from 23 February to 5 March. The work is by postgraduate students studying at the University of the West of England to become Secondary school teachers.

The Private View is Monday 23 February 6.00 - 9.00pm - by invitation.

The Fusion exhibition is linked to another science and art project called Wonderful (for more information visit www.wonderfulwebsite.net).

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