Issue date: 15 January 2004

ISSUE DATE: 15/01/04

Trainee teachers from the University of the West of England will have a new opportunity to learn about developing business and industry links for organising out of school work related activities for pupils through a pilot scheme entitled ‘Learning From Enterprise' organised by the Industrial Trust. The Trust’s initiative is a very helpful response to the requirements of the new Applied GCSE courses.

36 UWE Business Education Trainee Teachers will take part in the two part programme to be held on 20 January and 17 February where they will receive special insights from key local businesses including Rolls-Royce and Airbus.

Sue Turner, Director of Marketing and Development at the Industrial Trust explains, “This is the first ‘Learning from Enterprise' programme and we intend to roll out the scheme across the country. The trainee teachers will gain direct knowledge of the value of organising out-of school work related activities, learn how to set up business and science links and eventually benefit from an web based resource bank once they have qualified.

“The Industrial Trust has worked for years with teachers to help them take pupils on educational visits to dynamic businesses. However teachers receive very little help to learn how to set up and run this sort of activity so many newly qualified teachers put off doing it for the first time.

"Teachers are increasingly expected to teach vocational qualifications and foster entrepreneurialism in their students - but again there is not enough help for them to learn how best to do this. We are thrilled to be piloting the Learning from Enterprise scheme with UWE. Rolls-Royce and Airbus are at the forefront of their sectors and also do a huge amount to support their local communities so it is great that they are letting us use their expertise in this project. Through working together we can give the next generation of teachers the confidence and skills - right from the start of their teaching careers - to inspire their students through contact with the real world of business."

Julia Owens, Group Tutor for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education, from the Faculty of Education at the University of the West of England said, “The University is delighted to take part in this very exciting and innovative programme organised by the Industrial Trust. Working with local businesses. Planning effective visits and devising appropriate curriculum support materials will help trainees to keep learning current and relevant for the pupils they will teach in their future careers.”

At the first session on Tuesday 20 January, the students will attend a classroom based session lead by the Industrial Trust’s National Education Adviser where they will examine the value of work related learning activities, learn how to prepare for a visit to a business and finally work on the preparation for a real business visit and initial work on preparing Curriculum Support Material for core elements of Key Stage 4 Business Education courses.

At the second session on Tuesday 17 February the 36 students will split into six groups with each group visiting a different business to investigate how the visit will enhance curriculum learning and compile in-depth information for their curriculum support material.

The resulting material will be shared by all six groups to use in the classroom to support their teaching of business studies.

On Wednesday 25 February Sir Robert Malpas, Vice Chairman of the Industrial Trust and former Chairman of Euro tunnel, will visit UWE to present ‘The Malpas Awards' to the group of six trainee teachers who produce the best Curriculum Support Material as part of this course. These bursaries have been donated by Sir Robert and Lady Malpas.


Editor’s notes

The Industrial Trust was established in 1997 as an independent charity which aims to improve attitudes towards enterprise, science, technology, engineering and industry and increase the supply of relevant skills available to the wealth creating sectors.

The Trust runs a unique educational programme - Open Industry - which was launched in 1999 by David Blunkett, then Secretary of State for Education and Employment. Open Industry organises specialist educational visits for teachers and 8-19 year old students to modern dynamic business and technology-related locations that educate and inspire by showing the best in areas of science and technology, business and enterprise.
Open Industry has already delivered over 39,000 educational visits for schools and colleges.

The Industrial Trust aims to work with 250,000 students, trainee teachers and teachers each year by 2007.

Open Industry is run in the South West by Graham Smith who is seconded to the organisation from Rolls-Royce.

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