Issue date: 12 December 2003

ISSUE DATE: 12/12/03

16 December 2003

Bristol Docs a new initiative for teaching, research and professional studies in documentary media forms, will be launched at Visible Evidence XI, an international conference on documentary on 16 December 2003. Bristol Docs is a partnership between the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol in collaboration with the Watershed Media Centre.

Michael Chanan UWE researcher and conference organiser said “The aim is to bring to Bristol the new trends in documentary which are now appearing across Europe. In brief, the exclusion of independent documentary from television has led to its renewal in the community at large, spurred on by the spread of digital video. Large numbers of people feel the need for independent testimonies of the world we live in which neither television nor mainstream cinema any longer provide. All over Europe, documentary festivals are growing in size and number, and there are initiatives in progress to create an alternative digital exhibition circuit for documentaries across the EU. Bristol Docs will operate in tandem with other organisations promoting the new documentary movement, including DocHouse in London and Docspace in Edinburgh.”

Following the launch reception there will be a screening at the Watershed of ‘August’, by the Israeli film-maker Avi Mograbi, who will introduce the film, which won the Peace Film Award - Berlin International Film Festival 2002. Part documentary, part fiction, ‘August’ chronicles a month in the life of an Israeli filmmaker and his wife. A striking snapshot of Israel just before the hostilities that broke out two months later.


Editor’s notes

Reception: Wednesday 16 December 2003, 6.30-8.00pm, Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television, University of Bristol.

Screening: Wednesday 16 December 2003, 8.30pm, Watershed Media Centre.

Further inquiries contact, Professor Michael Chanan, or
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