Issue date: 10 December 2003

ISSUE DATE: 10/12/03

UWE launches unique competition for budding animators
Storyboarding competition 2004

Budding animators are being given the chance to win a place on a three month animation course by taking part in a unique competition launched by The Bristol School of Animation at the University of the West of England.

Competition entrants are being asked to produce an original and imaginative storyboard of no more than 20 frames for a short animated film in any media.

The schools manager and competition organiser Sophie Harbour from UWE said, “This is a great chance for anyone interested in animation to win a place on our prestigious three month professional animation course. The course has been specifically designed to offer passionate and enthusiastic would be animators with the chance to gain or enhance their understanding of the core techniques of successful character animation.”

“The competition judges will include several professional animators and they will be looking for originality and the ability to tell a story.”

The competition is open to all UK and EU/EEA residents over 18 years of age. Applicants need to submit a completed storyboard (on the template supplied) and competition entry form. Storyboards can be in colour or monochrome but must be no more than 20 frames in length.

The prize is for a free place on the course starting in June 2004 and also includes the payment of accommodation for the eleven week duration.

The winner will be announced at The Animated Encounters Festival in April 2004.

For more information and a competition application form please contact:

Sophie Harbour (Storyboard Competition 2004), The Project Office, Faculty of Art Media and Design, University of the West of England, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol BS3 2JT e-mail:
Or visit the schools website on:


Editor’s notes

The Three Month Animation Course has been designed to offer animators with the chance to gain or enhance their understanding of the core skills and techniques involved in the production of successful character animation. The course content includes a detailed look at issues such as line of action, action/reaction, anticipation, follow-through, cycling, timing and staging. The focus is on giving students the chance to develop their craft in either 2D (drawn) or 3D (model/puppet) animation over an intensive eleven week training period.

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