Issue date: 04 December 2003

ISSUE DATE: 04/12/03

The Faculty of Art, Media and Design has recently made two important Drawing Fellowship appointments. The first of these is the UWE Fellowship in Drawing funded by the Henry Moore Foundation which has been awarded to Tania Kovats. Tania’s Fellowship will run from September 2003 until August 2005.

The second Drawing Fellowship in partnership with the Evelyn Williams Trust has been awarded to Anne-Marie Creamer. Anne Marie will take up post as Evelyn Williams Drawing Fellow from November 2003 until November 2004.

The work of Tania Kovats deals with the experience and understanding of landscape. Her recent work has focused on drawing and mapping landscapes and she has created bodies of work on imaginary and existing islands. Her current project involves mapping every individual rock outcrop or island that surrounds mainland Britain. These drawings are on translucent paper some are tiny specks others fill the page.

Tania is now aiming to bring together research from a year spent in Los Angeles in which she looked at the way earthquakes are represented through drawings. Speaking about the fellowship Tania says, “I am delighted to receive this Fellowship. I will be using my time to develop the experience and research that I collected during my time in California, and turn that into a body of drawn works. I am looking forward to taking up this role in the Faculty which recognises the importance of drawing in artistic practice.”

The work of artist Anne-Marie Creamer combines drawings, paintings, live action film sequences and digital images often with filmic references, which she sets against a stream-of-consciousness narration. She is a visual artist whose work has moved from figurative painting to focus more on drawing placed within a spatial context. She uses drawings of film-stills as a basis to make a series of digital films.

Anne-Marie says she is excited by the prospect of working at UWE, “I am delighted to be awarded the Evelyn Williams Fellowship and excited about coming to the new Advanced Centre in Drawing (ACID) at UWE which I’m sure be an important and lively forum for thinking about drawing. I am also impressed by the excellent opportunities for external links with galleries and dialogue with students and am keen to use the Fellowship to work towards an exhibiting or publishing project. In particular I will use work I have made during a recent stay in Prague as the basis for a short film project called Flying Through Amber. Alongside this, I plan to use an architectural site in Bristol as the basis for a future project.

Professor Paul Gough, Dean of the Faculty of Art, Media and Design said, “Drawing is an important aspect of the Faculty’s work. It is the basis of so much of the explorative and analytic work done by the students and staff. These Drawing Fellowships are recognition of the high standing of the Faculty’s work and its national reputation.”

In 2002 the Faculty appointed Deanna Petherbridge as the first Arnolfini Research professor in drawing. Amongst the projects Deanna hopes to achieve during her period as Professor at UWE Bristol, is the completion of a major new book on drawing.


Editor’s notes

Biographical notes on Deanna Petherbridge:

Deanna Petherbridge is an artist known for pen-and-ink drawing on paper with architectural, social, and political themes. Her practice has been devoted to drawing for over four decades. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, and has also designed for the theatre, undertaken public commissions and has been involved in teaching, lecturing, broadcasting and writing. Her publications include catalogues, books and articles on public art, art criticism, architecture, the social dynamics of the art world, and the theoretical, historical and critical aspects of drawing.

Deanna Petherbridge joined the Royal College of Art, London in 1995 and set up the Centre for Drawing Research in 1997, the first higher research programme in drawing in the UK. She held the post of Professor of Drawing until 2001 organising international drawing workshops, lectures and conferences. As an International Research Scholar at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, USA during 2001 - 02 she continued research into the relationship between practice, theory and drawing history which is the subject of her forthcoming book, and also staged an exhibition of her drawings entitled 'Framing LA: A view from the Acropolis. Upon her return to UK she became the first Arnolfini Professor in Drawing at the University of the West of England, a post developed by the Faculty of Art, Media and Design.

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