Issue date: 25 November 2003

Personal Recollections – Cubes exhibition
Explore At-Bristol
30 November to 11 December 2004

An exhibition of work by budding architect-planners and architectural technologists, from the University of the West of England entitled 'Personal Recollections' takes place in Explore-At-Bristol's foyer from 30 November until 11 December 2003. The exhibition shows work from a project set to all first year Architecture and Planning and Architecture, Technology and Design students to design a 25 cm cube revealing aspects of a place that is meaningful to them.

Liam Denny, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Planning at UWE explains, “We wanted the students to understand that there is a distinction in architecture between designing the space, the qualities and the experiences conveyed by the atmosphere of a place, and simply the design of the edges or facades themselves.

“The students were asked to bring a photograph of a place that was meaningful to them and to translate their personal recollections of it into a cube. The idea is to convey to the visitor not just the place back home but the student's personal attachment to that space.

“The project has produced an extraordinary array of ideas and beautifully crafted places and the exhibition, as a whole is a really interactive affair. All the cubes create a relationship with visitors, asking them to approach and then manipulate the cube to look inside, open a hatch, reach through an opening or use their senses to touch or smell the material in the cubes. There's some really inspiring work – that sets a really high standard for the projects that they will go on to produce in their future careers!”

David Jordan, (Architectural Technology and Design) modelled his cube on the Pompidou Centre in Paris. This beautifully executed design uses plumbing pipes fixed to the outside of the cube to emulate the tubular design of the Pompidou Centre and opens to reveal miniature reproduction Jackson Pollock paintings. David said that he chose the Pompidou Centre as it reminded him of his sister who lives in Paris and he was inspired by the building. He said, “I have visited Paris a lot and this building just 'jumped out at me'. It is in complete contrast to the stylised older buildings of Paris and the building itself is like a piece of modern art. I also really enjoyed the open exhibition spaces inside the building and found the whole experience of the building inside and out a great inspiration.”

Muhammad Judin (Architecture and Planning) drew on his Malaysian roots to create a peaceful veranda which is part of a traditional Malay House. Muhammad says, “This is a portion of my grandfather's house where I spent a lot of time as a child. It is built above ground and made out of wood, and since Malaysia is hot and humid the houses are open. It is a place for relaxing, smelling the fresh air and feeling the morning sun. The 'lazy chair' is where the head of the family usually sits and you can look out and see the rice fields from there. It is a very special place for me.”

Explore-At-Bristol's foyer provides a dramatic venue for the cubes that will be suspended from the ceiling by wires. 'Personal Recollections' has been sponsored by the Building Design Partnership who recently set up a new office in Bristol. Keith Pavey from BDP said, “The exhibition has revealed some very exciting ideas. Good buildings always convey the spirit and personality of the architect and this exhibition demonstrates this principle admirably.”


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Caption: UWE students Dave Jordan, Muhammad Judin and Georgina Bister with the cubes they designed for the 'Personal Recollections' exhibition.

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