Issue date: 03 November 2003

ISSUE DATE: 3/11/03

The University of the West of England will award the honorary degree of Master of Arts to Dennis Alexander this week. The honorary degree will be conferred at the Award Ceremony of the Faculty of Humanities Languages and Social Science on 5 November at 11.30am at Bristol Cathedral.

The honorary degree is in recognition of Dennis Alexander’s outstanding service to academic administration in Bristol Polytechnic and the University of the West of England, in particular his dedication and the expertise which he contributed to the development of the conferment processes.

Dennis Alexander was born in Bristol and educated at Cotham Grammar School, Bristol. On leaving school, he commenced his career in educational administration by accepting employment with Bristol Technical College, a precursor of Bristol Polytechnic, later to become the University of the West of England.

At Bristol Technical College, Dennis Alexander was employed firstly as an assistant in the finance office, subsequently moving to the role of Administrative Assistant for examinations and later to Student Records and Statistics.

From 1974 until 1986, Dennis Alexander was responsible for the management of Bristol Polytechnic’s site registry based on the main campus at Frenchay. He was responsible for the enrolment of students, management of their assessment and mark records, statistical returns to public authorities and notification of results to awarding bodies such as the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA), the Technician Education Council (TEC), and the Business and Technician Education Council (BTEC). In 1986, he became a Faculty Officer, first for the Faculties of Humanities, Health and Social Science, and Languages and Law, and later for the Faculty of Education. In 1993, Dennis Alexander became a Senior Administrative Officer within the Academic Secretariat.

In 1992, following an Act of Parliament, Bristol Polytechnic was granted a university title as the University of the West of England and became entitled to award its own degrees. A decision was then made to place faith in the expertise and dedication of Dennis Alexander to help instigate, develop, manage and run the University’s conferments system which involves the in-house production of all Award Certificates and Certificates of Credit. The integrity and efficiency of the University’s awards section is vital to its work and reputation and Dennis Alexander’s contribution, dedication and expertise provided the University with a solid and professional foundation for others to build on.


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