Issue date: 30 October 2003

ISSUE DATE: 30/10/03

On 4 November 2003 an unusual and eye-catching poster will appear on the outside of the city’s buses.

The poster has been designed by the Graphic Science Unit at the University of the West of England to help draw attention to some of the key issues that cause greenhouse gas emissions and lead to global warming. The aim is to encourage local people to have their say on ways to tackle the problem in Bristol.

The thought provoking messages are designed to support Bristol City Council’s public consultation on Climate Protection and Sustainable Energy. The posters invite the public to text their views to a special number: 07971 444 760. All the messages will be placed on a special website which allows people to find out more about global warming and sustainability issues.

The posters are linked to research work undertaken by Professor Jim Longhurst of the Air Quality Management Resource Centre at UWE with colleagues from Hull University. This looked at ways of mapping how much energy cities use by measuring the output of Carbon Dioxide (C02). It developed principles which can be applied within cities to reduce energy dependency.

The poster campaign is funded by a special ‘Public Awareness’grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), aimed at enhancing the public understanding of key issues in science research.

Professor Frank Burnet, Director of the Graphic Science Unit says: “Our aim is to make science and scientific issues accessible and interesting for people. Our previous Bristol campaign was a big success. We hope these posters will give the people of Bristol a chance to have their say on how the Council tackles sustainability issues”

Sandra Fryer, Bristol City Council’s Head of Sustainable Development, said: “The aim is to ensure that people are aware of how much these issues really matter and what they can do themselves to make a difference. Many people, like myself, do their little bit by cycling into work, recycling or using low energy bulbs - to give just a few examples. We hope the poster campaign will encourage more people to think about how they can help reduce global warming and come forward with ideas for practical ways to tackle the problem here in Bristol.”

Editor’s notes

A jpeg image of the bus poster is available from the press office.

The Graphic Science Unit at the University of the West of England is one of the most innovative and original science communications teams in the UK. It is acknowledged nationally and internationally for its portfolio of work that takes science directly to the public.

EPSRC – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Further details of the Bristol City Council Climate Protection & Sustainable Energy Strategy consultation can be found at: and (climate protection).

For more information on The Air Quality Management Resource Centre is available at:

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