Issue date: 22 September 2000

An installation which incorporates a ‘mountain’ moving on a motorised track and a ‘gallery’ on a trailer are some of the features of an exhibition entitled Souvenir to be held at the English Heritage, Tithe Barn on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Bradford on Avon.

Artists, Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien from the University of the West of England’s Faculty of Art, Media and Design have been working on this collaborative project for a year.

The project has received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Board, Southern Arts and UWE Research Committee.

This is the first time that an exhibition of site related contemporary art has been exhibited at the Tithe Barn. It is a huge and impressive space of great architectural interest in itself with frequent visitors.

Dunhill and O’Brien said “the Barn is a challenging context for an art work and the location itself has become an important part of the project. We have involved local people in our research into the significance of souvenirs which has had an indirect influence on the installation.”

Their recent collaborative work has been preoccupied with ideas about the status of art objects when they are not “functioning” in the Gallery or Museum. For this exhibition they have made “souvenirs” of their own “lost” art works and have also attempted to make a “Perfect souvenir” based on their researchers.

In a web site based on the project souvenir 2000, you are invited to complete a questionnaire about your own favourite souvenir and you can view the results they have gathered so far from residents of Bradford on Avon.

During the exhibition it is planned that Photography students from Trowbridge College will develop their own project at the Tithe Barn. Members of the public will be invited to have their photograph taken on site with one of their own favourite souvenirs.

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