Issue date: 22 August 2003

ISSUE DATE: 22/08/03

Leadership, Voice and Accountability - Global and local perspectives
Frenchay Campus, UWE 8 to 10 September

The Centre for Local Democracy at the University of the West of England will host an international conference to explore the three critical democratic concepts of ‘leadership’, ‘voice’ and ‘accountability on 8 to 10 September 2003.

Keynote speakers include Tony Benn, Peace Activist and former MP and Labour Government Minister; Marion Barnes, Director of Social Research, Department of Policy and Social Work, University of Birmingham, Sir Bernard Crick, Chair of Government’s Commission on Citizenship in Schools, Keith Grint, Director of Research, Said Business School, Oxford University, Sally Keeble MP, Parliamentary Undersecretary of Sate for International Development and Hilary Wainwright, Senior Research Associate at the International Centre for Labour Studies, University of Manchester and editor of Red Pepper.

Richard Kimberlee, conference organiser and Research Associate in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at UWE, said, “The conference provides us with an opportunity to inquire into and develop an understanding of the ways in which citizens, users, communities and organisational members experience, understand and engage with issues of power and the processes of decision making that shape their own and other people’s lives and localities.”

The conference has attracted more than 50 research-based papers, reflective accounts of practice and theoretical contributions on the themes leadership, voice and accountability. It is anticipated that the conference will attract a wide range of people including community activists, representatives of local and voluntary sector organisations, local politicians, public service managers and practitioners, policy makers and academics.

A detailed conference programme will be available to participants on registration and will also be posted on the www.uwe.ac.uk/hsc/cld.

To register contact Jan Green, Conference Administrator on +44 (0)117 344 8421, e-mail Jan.Green@uwe.ac.uk.


Editor’s notes

The Centre for Local Democracy

CLD is concerned with the ways in which citizens and communities experience, understand and engage with issues of power and the processes of decision making which shape their lives and localities. The multi-disciplinary Centre brings together academics and practitioners from across and outside UWE to contribute to current policy debates. More than ever, citizens seek assurance that the agencies and authorities shaping their daily lives are meeting their needs efficiently and democratically. The scope of the Centre is consequently wide. The development of local democratic institutions, improvements in relationships between public service providers and users, and the evolution of better ways of organising and delivering welfare, require dialogue with representatives not just from local and central government, but also from health service, care organisations, education authorities and voluntary bodies, among others.

Through research and consultancy, conferences, seminars and publications the Centre aims to guide both policy making and practical activity to improve the ways in which citizens take action in their local communities.

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