Issue date: 19 September 2000

The University of the West of England and Hewlett Packard have joined forces with the introduction of a new scholarship scheme for up to 25 students studying Computing for Real-Time Systems. The Hewlett Packard scholarship scheme will be launched on 22 September at the Filton headquarters of Hewlett Packard and the Frenchay Campus of UWE.

The scholarship comprises an enviable financial package. This will include up to £14,000 to cover fees and living expenses, provide students with a useful qualification and valuable work experience in the field.

The BSc Computing for Real-Time Systems was planned to meet the recognised need for technical programmers and systems engineers. As Dr Rob Williams, course co-ordinator points out, "The whole world now depends on Real-Time Computer Systems. They run our mobile telephones, control our kitchen appliances and sequence arcade games. They make jumbo jets fly, regulate our central heating and monitor patients in hospital. This degree in Applied Computer Science focuses on such systems, and by taking a strongly practical approach to the issues involved in the design and development of real-time systems we can deal with a wide variety of interesting problems and ideas. At least half of the time will be spent in computer labs."

Hewlett Packard's UK Support and Services Manager, Craig McKensie, said, "we are very excited by this new initiative which will provide training for the computer engineers of the future. It is crucial that university training responds to the needs of industry by creating programmes of study which directly provide practitioners with the skills to meet the demands of tomorrow's consumer. One of the major concerns for a Support and Services organisation such as ours is where we will find suitable engineers for the future. This programme is a much needed opportunity to help us answer that question."

Students will also be able to make an early start to their career through our innovative degree structure. Instead of the usual one-year out sandwich study, students will receive two years full time study followed by a two year placement with study breaks at HP.

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