Issue date: 20 May 2003

ISSUE DATE: 20/05/03

Tobacco: Problems & Responses
An International Conference
The Watershed, Friday, November 28, 2003

The University of the West of England will host an international conference ‘Tobacco: Problems and Responses’, at the Watershed Media Centre in November 2003 providing a platform to examine problems caused by tobacco smoking. The event, in association with two charities, the Alcohol & Health Research Trust and the Addictions Forum, brings together world acclaimed speakers including Professor Sir Richard Dole, who was one of the two researchers to announce to the world the link between smoking tobacco and cancer.

Professor Martin Plant, conference organiser and Director of the Alcohol and Health Research Trust at UWE said, “This meeting will be of value to anybody with a personal or professional interest in smoking and its effects on health and society. Such people include smokers who are trying to quit, or contemplating quitting as well as medical practitioners, nurses and other professionals in the health and social services. This conference should also be of interest to those involved with health promotion and the implementation of policies to reduce smoking and to protect people from its effects.”

“Tobacco smoking causes over 120,000 premature deaths in the UK each year. This is much greater toll than that inflicted by the heavy or problematic use of all of the other legal and illicit drugs combined. Tobacco dependence is not only the most common type of drug dependence; it also carries a particularly great risk of fatal outcome.”

The World Health Organization has recently reported that tobacco use is the major single cause of the annual worldwide toll of 1,200,000 cases of cancer. Half of those who are regular smokers will be killed by this habit. There are also major concerns that tobacco companies are 'dumping' high tar cigarettes and promoting them in unethical ways in developing countries. This conference has been arranged to review trends in tobacco smoking and related health problems, together with the economic impact of tobacco, treatment options, and the role of the general practitioner in primary prevention, as well as policy options and political considerations.

To register it advisable to book a place soon by calling Jan Green on 0117 344 8788, Fax 0117 344 8421, e-mail: Jan.Green@uwe.ac.uk.


Editor’s notes

The Addictions Forum

The Addictions Forum, a membership organisation, exists to foster a balanced discussion about alcohol, tobacco, illicit and prescribed drugs, together with issues such as risk-taking and HIV/AIDS. The Forum arranges an annual residential training event at Durham Castle. It has also staged conferences and other meetings throughout the UK as well as in Iceland, India, Ireland and the Netherlands. The Addictions Forum is a registered charity (1015523).

The Alcohol & Health Research Trust (A&HRT)

The A&HRT was established to carry out research into beverage alcohol, together with other social and health issues. The latter include tobacco, illicit and prescribed drugs, HIV/AIDS, risk taking and sexual behaviour; to publish and disseminate information for the benefit of researchers, clinicians, professionals, students, and others concerned with the above themes; to work in co-operation with researchers, students and professionals concerned with alcohol or other social or health issues, to assist researchers, students and others in the conduct of their work related to alcohol or other social or health issues. Members of the research team have produced over 200 scientific publications, including over 20 books. The A&HRT is a registered charity (SC027580).

Speakers & Chair Persons

Dr Tim Coleman, Department of Primary Care, University of Nottingham.

Professor Sir Richard Doll, Clinical Trial Service Unit, University of Oxford.

Professor Henk Garretsen, Addiction Research Institute, Erasmus University, Rotterdam & University of Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Professor Christine Godfrey, Department of Health Sciences & Clinical Evaluation, University of York.

Professor Martin Jarvis, ICRF Health Behaviour Unit, University College, London.

Dr Dawn Milner, Freelance tobacco control consultant & locum general practitioner, Shropshire.

Professor Martin Plant, Alcohol & Health Research Trust, Centre for Public Health & Primary Care Development, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Professor Moira Plant, Alcohol & Health Research Trust, Centre for Public Health & Primary Care Development, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Ms Amanda Sandford, Action on Smoking & Health (ASH), London.

Professor Andrew Steptoe, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, University College, London.

Dr Regina van den Eijden, Addiction Research Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Professor Robert West, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, University College, London.

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