Issue date: 13 May 2003

ISSUE DATE: 13/05/03

UWE has beaten the University of Bristol in the most hotly contested boat race for many years held in Bristol Docks on 10 May.

In the Mens Senior VIIIs, Bristol initially took the lead but UWE, led by captain James Wood, fought back to win by a length. UWE also won three of the other four races against Bristol with the Alumni Crew winning by a length, the Novice Men winning by a length, and the Novice Women by two lengths. UWE lost the Senior Women’s VIIIs by two lengths to the University of Bristol, who are ranked third in the country.

This outstanding performance meant UWE won the Varsity Boat Race Trophy for the first time ever.

UWE has reversed previous Boat Race results and built on recent successes in several ‘Heads of River’ races across the country. This year’s success has been due to a combination of the total dedication of the athletes themselves and the professional approach brought to the UWE Boat Club by their coach Fred Smallbone, who is an Olympic Silver Medallist (1976) and former US Olympic team coach (Seoul, 1988). Fred was taken on by the University last year to coach the rowing teams.

UWE also did very well in the ‘Best of the West Races’ against the University of Bristol and the City of Bristol Boat Club held as part of the day’s events, ending up by winning the Men’s Open Trophy.

Over 1,000 spectators watched the races and enjoyed live music and street entertainers at the event which was organised by the UWE Students’ Union.


Editor’s notes

Jpg image attached:
The Men’s Senior VIIIs after winning their race and leading UWE to victory in the
Annual Varsity Boat Race on 10 May.

Pictures also available as Jpg images:
- The Alumni crew celebrate with cox Liz Arnold
- The Women’s Novice crew
- The Men’s Novice crew

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