Issue date: 28 April 2003

ISSUE DATE: 28/04/03

More than 400 local and regional school pupils aged 16-18 will visit UWE for a ‘Languages Open Day’ on 30 April 2003.

The day will give pupils the opportunity to hear lectures on a range of topics relevant to the current A-level syllabi and to gain an insight into degree-level language learning and teaching. Lectures in French, German, Spanish and Linguistics will be given by the University’s teaching staff and representatives from the Spanish and German Embassies. Students will also be able to visit the Language Centre with its collection of foreign language video and audio cassettes, CD-Roms and televisions showing European channels.

Speaking about the event Felix Bihlmeier, Pro-Dean of Languages and European Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences said, “This is the eighth annual Languages Day we have held and we hope the pupils visiting us for the day will take away a flavour of what language learning at university level is all about and be encouraged to pursue their studies in this important area.”

Lectures in French include: ‘The governmental and presidential elections 2002’ and ‘Immigration and multiculturalism’. German lectures cover: ‘Berlin’, ‘Poverty and young people in Germany’ and ‘A comparison of the German and British health systems’as well as a lecture on German post-war cinema. The Spanish lectures cover topics such as: ‘Recent trends in the Spanish population’, ‘African asylum seekers in Spain’ and ‘The Spanish environment’. In addition there will be lectures delivered in English on Linguistics and ‘How to be a good language learner at University’.


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