Issue date: 02 April 2003

ISSUE DATE: 02/04/03
Watershed cinema 1 on Tuesday 8 April at 6.00pm

In his inaugural lecture as Professor of Cultural and Media Studies at the University of the West of England, Michael Chanan will discuss ‘the chronic crisis of British Cinema.’

A filmmaker and writer with an academic training in philosophy and history of ideas, Michael Chanan began his career as a music critic. He has made films on music for BBC 2 and on Latin American subjects for Channel Four. His written work includes books on early film, Cuban cinema, the history of sound recording, and the social history of music. He was visiting Professor at Duke University, North Carolina in 2000.

Michael Chanan said, “The weakness of the Film Council’s policy recommendations is rooted in a long history going back to the 1920’s. If the current downturn in film production is to be reversed, then in the face of the threat emanating from GATS, we urgently need to follow the French lead and claim the cinema as a cultural exception.”

The inaugural lecture will be held at the Watershed cinema 1 on Tuesday 8 April at 6.00pm followed by a screening of ‘Wittgenstein’ by Derek Jarman introduced by James Mackay, one of Jarman’s closest associates.


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