Issue date: 01 April 2003

ISSUE DATE: 01/04/03

The Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of the West of England is to hold an International Week (7 – 11 April) focusing on the international dimension of the Faculty’s work and bringing together colleagues from around Europe.

It is an opportunity for the Faculty to showcase current international projects as well as encouraging other staff and students to take part in exchanges, collaborations and other international initiatives.

Current projects include working with midwives in Brazil, with nursing students in Croatia, taking care of feet in India as well as social work training across Europe.

Social work is one of the key aspect of the week’s events with academics at UWE playing a leading role in how the subject is developing in Europe.

Students and staff from seven European partner institutions will spend a week of intensive study at UWE from 5 – 12 April to coincide with the International Week. The Social Work Intensive Programme (IP) on ‘Service User Involvement in Social work’ will enable staff and students to look at social services in Europe from the user’s perspective and to compare and contrast the experiences of their different countries. Liz Frost and the Social Work teaching team at UWE have been awarded 12,000 euros by the EU Socrates Fund for this programme.

Senior Lecturer Liz Frost says, “This week is an excellent opportunity for those involved in social work training to reflect on current practices and compare them with our European partners. It gives us the chance to network with colleagues from Europe and work towards common standards for social work training.”

In another key social work initiative, UWE is the UK representative on a Europe–wide Socrates–funded network called the European Social Work Thematic Network. 23 countries are working together to provide a deeper understanding of social work by comparing systems in different countries. The project is co-ordinated by Professor Annamaria Campanini from the University of Parma and the network includes the social work programmes of UWE, Bergen, Parma, Gottenburg, Mannheim, Swansea and Athens universities. The project, which first met in October 2002, will produce a website, a book, a newsletter and a summer school involving social work students across all European countries.

Other current international projects in Health and Social Care include:

Podiatry Project in India
Faculty staff are also working with a diabetic institute in Madras to develop a programme to support foot-care in India, which currently has no specific profession or recognition.

Brazilian Midwifery project –3rd Successful Year
In Brazil UWE midwifery staff are currently in the third year of a three year British Council Higher Education Links Scheme in a project to develop programmes at the Nursing Faculty of University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and to introduce nurse-midwifes into a poor community on the outskirts of Natal.


Editor’s notes

Seminars taking place during the week are:

European projects: experience and potential of EU funded initiatives
Monday 7 April 12.30 to 2.00pm 1C04
International reception
Monday 7 April 4.30pm
Students abroad: electives, exchanges, shared experiences and opportunities
Tuesday 8 April 12.30 to 2.00pm 1B23
International research opportunities and funding: sharing successes and developing potential
Wednesday 9 April 1.30 to 4.00pm 1B20
International collaborative projects, our current successes and potential
Thursday 10 April 3.00 to 5.00pm 1C01
International networking lunch
Friday 11 April 12.30 to 2.00pm

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