Issue date: 11 March 2003

Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets by Clara Greed

Public toilets are a national disgrace and have not been given adequate priority in urban design according to UWE researcher Clara Greed’s new book ‘Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets’. Clara has famously campaigned for better public toilet provision and her research has been the focus of very considerable media attention.

Clara Greed said, "This is the first book to deal with toilets as an integral part of urban design. Public toilets have declined for many reasons. I have tried to concentrate on the reasons for this decline and to provide a focus for future planning.”

This unique book provides design guidance and policy direction for the provision and design of public toilets covering city-wide, district level and site-specific principles. Tracking the history and development of public toilets and differing cultural attitudes researched as part of Clara’s very proactive role as founder member of the World Toilet Organisation, the book offers a template for planners.

Clara continues, “At the heart of my book is a call for public toilet provision to be a core component in strategic urban policy and local area design rather than the current trend which considers toilets in isolation from mainstream policy. Toilets are often offered up as a ‘bolt-on’ after other key planning considerations have been finalised.

“I am campaigning for toilets to be a much higher priority in all urban planning. In some countries toilet planning in public spaces is taken very seriously. At a recent conference of the World Toilet Association in Korea I was amazed at the diversity and sheer number of toilets at significant venues – it’s obviously a planning issue that the Koreans take very seriously and we could learn much from them.”

Clara Greed also highlights the importance of getting the design right. “Issues such as building design, levels of provision, locations, safety, layout and accessibility are critical in ensuring that an integrated approach is also one that all sectors of the community can feel comfortable with.”

Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets by Clara Greed ISBN 075065385X. Published by Architectural Press March 2003. £34.99


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