Illustration students shine in Colston Hall's Lantern project

Issue date: 21 January 2016

Colston Hall's Lantern project

Third year students on UWE Bristol's Illustration programme have taken part in a project, run by Bristol's Colston Hall, to produce a bespoke illustration to be utilised in marketing their 350 capacity venue The Lantern.

The students were briefed professionally and provided with assets, such as logos, headings and information, to incorporate into their designs. The brief called for a creative response to what The Lantern represents and the broad programme of music showcased at the venue. A huge range of work was created and submitted, with the winning design being produced by Olivia Beckett.

Olivia's entry was chosen as the winner by Andy Boreham, Marketing Manager at Colston Hall, and Matt Aitken, Music Programmer at Colston Hall, and will now appear on posters and advertising materials across the city. Olivia also received a cheque for £100.

Olivia says, “Studying illustration at UWE Bristol we're always being pushed to take on live briefs and competitions. This project seemed like a great opportunity to be involved with Colston Hall, and to create something eye-catching but still readable. I don't think anyone enters believing they're going to win, but when it happens it's a fantastic feeling! To see my designs in Crack magazine is really exciting, and I'm looking forward to seeing my work displayed at the venue itself, alongside the entries of all those who took part.”

As a result of the project, a number of other third year students have been commissioned by Colston Hall to produce posters for specific gigs and events, and all of the entries will be displayed in a public exhibition, to be held at the Colston Hall from the 27 January – 22 February 2015.

Andy Boreham, Marketing Manager at Colston Hall, says, “We saw an exhibition of illustration work by UWE students in our Glass Room space last year, and thought it'd be interesting to see what young illustrators would do with The Lantern brand. The live brief had a great response, with plenty of inventive interpretations of what The Lantern promotes. Olivia's pieces were bright and vibrant – she absolutely nailed what we were after – and it'll be great to see her designs around the city on our posters.”

Matt Aitken, Music Programmer at Colston Hall, says, “The Lantern is becoming an established venue for new music, promoting everything from hip-hop and electronica to contemporary classical, folk and world music. We wanted to find illustrators who can represent that visually and I'm excited to see these pieces exhibited at the venue.”

Gary Embury, Illustration lecturer at UWE Bristol, says, “The Colston Hall, Lantern project has been really good for the third year Illustration students, as it coincided with the launch of their Professional Practice module. It was great to see the range of work submitted in context for a live deadline and brief. The exhibition is a great opportunity for our students to showcase their work to the public at one of Bristol's most well-known venues.”

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